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Design books are a source of inspiration as well as learning. I deep dive into them to discover the work of designers in lands far and near. Published in 1990, The Best of British Packaging, edited by Edward Booth Clibborn and designed by Minale Tattersfield, is a fine specimen.

Edited by Edward Booth Clibborn. Designed by Minale Tattersfield
Edited by Edward Booth Clibborn. Designed by Minale Tattersfield

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If I am not for myself

If I’m not for myself, who can be for me?
And if I’m only for myself, then what am I?
And if not now, when?

This is from the Talmud and is a translation of the original written in Aramaic language.

I have used this to answer the question “What’s your life motto?” asked by Ronald Wopereis on LinkedIn Answers.

Coverage in Marwar magazine

The November December 2008 issue of Marwar magazine has carried a 4 page article based on an interview by Melanie Fernandes. The interview happened in the lounge at the Four Season’s Hotel in Worli, Mumbai. Marwar is a premium, bimonthly glossy magazine featuring people who hail from the region of the same name – broadly the state of Rajasthan in northwestern India.

I have posted this on Issuu, link here:
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